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Seminar Programme for 2014-2015

Easter Term





23 April 2015

Professor Dan Burk
University of California, Irvine

"Inventing Around Copyright"




Lent Term





29 January 2015

Thomas Cottier
University of Bern

"International Trade and Intellectual Property Protection: Past, Present and Future"


13 February 2015

Manuel Desantes
University of Alicante

"The New European Patent Environment: an Opportunity or a Failure"


19 February 2015

Jennifer Davis
University of Cambridge

"The problem with the average consumer in European trade mark law"



26 February 2015

Laura A. Heymann
William & Mary Law School

"Dialogues of Authenticity"


2 March 2015

Rob McDonald QC
Dentons Canada LLP

"Major Changes to Canada's IP Regime - Protecting and Enforcing Copyright and Trademarks Internationally"

Not recorded


12 March 2015

Mireille Van Eechoud
Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

"Open Data in European Intellectual Property Law"




Michaelmas Term





23 October 2014

Professor Christoph Antons
Deakin University, Australia

"Intellectual and cultural property in discourses about intangible cultural heritage"

Not recorded

18 November 2014

Professor Martin Senftleben
VU University Amsterdam

"Protecting Mickey Mouse and the Mona Lisa in Perpetuity? - The Need to Leave Cultural Material Free From Trade Mark Protection"


19 November 2014

Dr Ananay Aguilar
University of Cambridge

"Navigating the Music Industry: Explorations in Creativity, Technology and Law"

Not recorded

26 November 2014

Dr Sean Bottomley
University of Cambridge

"How patent law influences inventive activity: evidence from the first Industrial Revolution in the United States, France and Britain, 1770 - 1850"

Not recorded

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