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***​2021: Due to the current global pandemic, the Emmanuel International Intellectual Property Lecture has been postponed.  Details about future dates will be posted here once we have them.***

This is an invitation-only event.

If you would like an invitation, please contact the CIPIL Administrator at


2020: Professor Arti K. Rai (Elvin R. Latty Professor of Law, Duke Law School) delivered the fifteenth annual lecture on the topic 'Patents and Trade Secrecy in AI: The Case of Health'.

2019: Professor Ansgar Ohly (Chair of Private Law, Intellectual Property and Competition Law, LMU, Munich) delivered the fourteenth annual lecture on the topic 'Hybrids between Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Law'.

2018: Professor Jessica Litman (John F. Nickoll Professor of Law, University of Michigan) delivered the thirteenth annual lecture on the topic 'Copyright and Property-Think'.

2017: Professor Niva Elkin-Koren (Haifa Center for Law and Technology) delivered the twelth annual lecture on the topic 'Fair Use by Design'.

2016: Professor Alain Strowel (Professor, Université Saint-Louis and UCLouvain, avocat, Covington & Burling LLP, Brussels) delivered the eleventh annual lecture on the topic 'Big Data in the platform economy: A need to redesign the rules?'.

2015: Professor Pamela Samuelson (UC Berkeley) delivered the tenth annual lecture on the topic 'Functionality and Expression in Computer Programs: A Pragmatic Approach'.

2014: Professor Barton Beebe (John M. Desmarais Professor of Intellectual Property Law, New York University School of Law) delivered the ninth annual lecture on the topic ‘Intellectual Property Law and the Problem of Aesthetic Progress’.

2013: Professor Annette Kur (Max Planck Institute, Munich) delivered the eighth annual lecture on the topic ‘IP overlaps: Cause or consequence of overprotection?

2012: Professor Bernt Hugenhotlz (University of Amsterdam) delivered the seventh annual lecture on the topic ‘Fair use in Europe: in search of flexibilities in copyright’.

2011: Professor Rochelle Dreyfuss (New York University) delivered the sixth annual lecture on the topic ‘Are patents good for science?

2010: Professor Graeme Austin (Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand) delivered the fifth annual lecture on the topic ‘Copyright’s private domain’.

2009: Professor Séverine Dusollier (SciencesPo,Paris) delivered the fourth annual lecture on the topic 'Incompatible intellectual property: In search of the interoperability grail’.

2008: Professor Graeme Dinwoodie (University of Oxford) delivered the third annual lecture on the topic ‘Ensuring consumers get what they want: The role of trademark law’.

2007: Professor Brad Sherman (University of Queensland) delivered the second annual lecture on the topic ‘Taxonomic property: Intellectual property and plants’.

2006: Professor Jane Ginsburg (Columbia Law School) delivered the inaugural lecture on the topic ‘Une chose publique: history and rhetoric of the copyright public domain in France, Great Britain and the United States’.