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Reform of the data protection framework has been a major preoccupation of the UK post-Brexit.  It was given emphasis in the National Data Strategy in 2020, led to the Government’s Data: A New Direction paper and consultation in 2021 which spawned the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (originally introduced in 2022) which is now well through its Parliamentary passage. 

This area is also a significant focus of CIPIL’s information law work.  This page provides an ongoing summary of key output produced by individuals in this area whilst affiliated with CIPIL.  A number of these have been written by Professor David Erdos who coordinates this strand of activity.

General Analysis (including of UK-EU TCA)

David Erdos, "The UK and the EU Personal Data Framework After Brexit: Another Switzerland?", Faculty of Law Research Paper 15/2021 (leading to "The UK and the EU Personal Data Framework after Brexit: A New Trade and Cooperation Partnership based on Council of Europe Convention 108+?"  (Vol. 44) Computer Law and Security Review (2022)) – See also related Slideshares from 2019 and  2021

David Erdos, "The UK GDPR, Immigration Exception and Brexit: Interrogating Open Rights Group v Secretary of State for the Home Department and its Aftermath", Faculty of Law Research Paper No 9/2022

David Erdos, "Data Protection Reform via the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Repeal) Act and the Data Protection (Fundamental Rights and Freedoms) (Amendment) Regulations 2023/1417: Arguably Partially Unlawful and Liable to Undercut the UK’s Council of Europe Commitments", Faculty of Law Research Paper No 3/2024

Data: A New Direction - Commentary

David Erdos, "Assessing UK Data Protection Reform in Transnational Context: What New Direction?" Faculty of Law Research Paper 28/2021 – see also related Slideshare from 2021

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill - Commentary

Tim Cochrane, "The UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill: Reviewing Proposed Law Enforcement and Intelligence Services Data Processing Reforms" Inforrm Blog 5 October 2022

David Erdos, "A Bill for a Change? Analysing the UK Government’s Statutory Proposals on the Content of Data Protection and Electronic Privacy", Faculty of Law Research Paper 13/2022 – see also related Slideshare from 2022

David Erdos, "Towards Effective Supervisory Oversight? Analysing UK Regulatory Enforcement of Data Protection and Electronic Privacy Rights and the Government’s Statutory Reform Plans", SSRN Research Paper 2022

Ann Kristin Glenster, "Attempting to Tackle Consent for Cookies: Clause 79 of the UK’s Data Protection and Digital Information  Bill" Inforrm Blog 15 October 2022