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The CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series brings together specialist speakers to discuss prevailing issues in relation to copyright, patents, trademarks, design rights, and other subjects.

The Centre brings together a group of legal academics already recognised for their historical and inter-disciplinary, as well as doctrinal, research. Drawing on the resources of Cambridge University, CIPIL is ideally positioned to carry out and promote well-informed interdisciplinary work.

Subject to speaker consent, the lecture component for each seminar will be made available on the University of Cambridge Streaming Media Service (SMS), Apple iTunes and other podcast platforms, and when in video, YouTube. When held in person the Q&A sections will not be included in order to encourage frank and open discussion. You can subscribe to the 'CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series' on iTunes or other podcast platforms for automatic download to your device, or an RSS feed is available from the SMS for use on other platforms.


Seminar Programme

(Please note our Michaelmas 2022 seminars are yet to be confirmed.)

Easter Term 2022






28 April 2022

Professor Rochelle Dreyfuss

NYU Law School 

'ISDS and Intellectual Property in 2020 - Protecting Public Health in the Age of Pandemics'  

'ISDS and Intellectual Property in 2020 - Protecting Public Health in the Age of Pandemics'

5 May 2022

In person (LG17) & Online

Professor Orla Lynskey

London School of Economics  

'The Legal Implications of Synthetic Data'   Not recorded

12 May 2022

In person (LG17) & Online

Dr Barbara Lauriat  

Kings College London  

'FRAND Arbitration Will Destroy FRAND'   Not recorded

19 May 2022 


Professor Haochen Sun

Hong Kong University

'Technology and the Public Interest'  

'Technology and the Public Interest'

For further information about the seminars, please email: .