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The CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series brings together specialist speakers to discuss prevailing issues in relation to copyright, patents, trademarks, design rights, and other subjects.

The Centre brings together a group of legal academics already recognised for their historical and inter-disciplinary, as well as doctrinal, research. Drawing on the resources of Cambridge University, CIPIL is ideally positioned to carry out and promote well-informed interdisciplinary work.

Subject to speaker consent, the lecture component for each seminar will be made available on the University of Cambridge Streaming Media Service (SMS) and the Apple iTunes platforms. The introductions and Q&A sections will not be included to encourage frank and open discussion. You can subscribe to the 'CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series' on iTunes for automatic download to your iTunes library, or an RSS feed is available from the SMS for use on other devices.

Seminar Programme for 2018-2019

Lent/Easter Term





18 January 2019

Professor Dr Hong Xue
Beijing Normal University 

'Copyright on E-Commerce Platforms: An Insight Preview of Chinese New Law'


21 February 2019

Antony White QC
Matrix Chambers 

'Mapping the Frontiers of Privacy and Data Protection: Recent Cases and Key Issues'   itunes

Gillian Phillips presentation

28 February 2019

Dr Xavier Seuba 
CEIPI, University of Strasbourg 

'Negotiating Intellectual Property Chapters in New European Trade Agreements'  itunes
4 March 2019 Sarah Eskens 
University of Amsterdam
'Privacy and Information Rights of Personalised News Users'  Not recorded
5 March 2019

Professor Annette Kur
Max Planck Institute

The CJEU's Functions Doctrine - where does it come from and where will it take us?  itunes
2 May 2019 Daniel Alexander QC
8 New Square 
'Certainty and its Boundaries – Contemporary Issues in the Scope of Patent Protection'  


Michaelmas Term





18 October 2018

Dr Yin Harn Lee 
Sheffield University 

'Rethinking the "Copy" in Copyright'


25 October 2018

Professor Robert Gomulkiewicz
University of Washington 

'Copyright Licensing for Revolutionaries'


1 November 2018

Dr Ge Chen
Durham University 

'How Copyright Affects Free Expression: A Perspective from Sino-US Trade War'


15 November 2018

Gillian Phillips 
Director of Editorial Legal Services, Guardian 

'The Ethical and Legal Framework within which the Guardian approaches Information Concerning Natural Persons'

 Gillian Phillips presentation

22 November 2018

Dr Łukasz Żelechowski
Warsaw University 

'Freedom of Expression and Trade Mark Law: In Search of Legal Mechanisms for Striking a Balance'


 Dr Łukasz Żelechowski presentation

All lectures take place in B16 at 5pm, unless otherwise stated.

For further information about the seminars, please email: