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The CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series brings together specialist speakers to discuss prevailing issues in relation to copyright, patents, trademarks, design rights, and other subjects.

The Centre brings together a group of legal academics already recognised for their historical and inter-disciplinary, as well as doctrinal, research. Drawing on the resources of Cambridge University, CIPIL is ideally positioned to carry out and promote well-informed interdisciplinary work.

Subject to speaker consent, the lecture component for each seminar will be made available on the University of Cambridge Streaming Media Service (SMS) and the Apple iTunes platforms. The introductions and Q&A sections will not be included to encourage frank and open discussion. You can subscribe to the 'CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series' on iTunes for automatic download to your iTunes library, or an RSS feed is available from the SMS for use on other devices.

Seminar Programme for 2019-2020

Lent Term 2020





30 January 2020 Dr Naomi Hawkins
University of Exeter 
'Patents in Genomic Medicine: Awareness, Engagement and Compliance' Not recorded


6 February 2020

HH Judge Melissa Clarke
Senior Circuit Judge 


13 February 2020

Professor Alex Peukert 
Goethe University 

'The Destruction of an Artistic Work as an Infringement of Moral Rights - A Test for the Ontology of Copyright'


17 February 2020

Professor Harry First 
NYU School of Law 

'Taking Information: The Criminalization of Intellectual Property Law'


27 February 2020

Dr Apostolos Chronopoulos

'The Trouble with Colour Marks: Interpretative Problems Related to the Assessment of the Absolute Grounds for Refusal'

Not recorded


5 March 2020


Professor Estelle Derclaye 
Nottingham University 


'The Overlap between Copyright and Trademarks'



Michaelmas Term 2019





17 October 2019

Professor Graham Greenleaf
University of New South Wales 

'Assessing Data Privacy Laws after 50 Years of Global Enactment'


31 October 2019

Dr Poorna Mysoor
University of Oxford 

'Towards a Methodology for Implying Copyright Licences'



5 November 2019

Professor Christine Haight Farley
American University 

'Unravelling Unfair Competition Law's Misunderstood Development'




14 November 2019 Dr Matt Fisher  
University College London
'Patents and Equivalents: Words aren't Walls - A Modest Defence of Taking the Pith'


21 November 2019

Professor Joris van Hoboken
University of Amsterdam 

'Platforms as Privacy Regulators'


For further information about the seminars, please email: lectures take place in B16 at 5pm, unless otherwise stated.