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Of Authorship and Originality: Reclaiming Copyright in Support of Creative Collaboration in the Digital Environment

About the OOR project (2010-2013)

'Of Authorship and Originality' was a collaborative research project funded by the joint research programme of HERA, the Humanities in the European Research Area. It was a multi-disciplinary collaboration which brought together principal investigators and post-doctoral researchers of the Institute for Information Law (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Infomedia (University of Bergen, Norway) and CIPIL. The project queried how insights from literary theory, music studies, film/visual studies and other Humanities' disciplines can help articulate copyright norms that enable sustainable creative practices in the digital environment. The focus was on two interrelated, key concepts in copyright law: the author and the work.

The research was organised in three individual projects:

  • Authorship in Collective Arts
  • Multiplicity of Authors
  • The Work as Creative Expression

More information can be found by downloading the project description. For the latest on outputs and events, see the OOR project public wiki pages. For information about the final conference, Creativity that Counts? (Amsterdam, 26 April 2013) please see here.

The project was financially supported by the HERA Joint Research Programme ( which is co-funded by AHRC, AKA, DASTI, ETF, FNR, FWF, HAZU, IRCHSS, MHEST, NWO, RANNIS, RCN, VR and The European Community FP7 2007-2013, under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities programme.