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European Data Protection Laws and Freedom of Expression, edited by Dr David Erdos Deputy Director of CIPIL, draws on over a decade of intensive research activity.  Both the National Reports and Overview Guide draw especially on the following publications:
Other aspects of the research have not been made public prior to the release of these Reports and has involved the extensive analysis of legislative texts and parliamentary and policy debates.  Especially the latter aspects of the work have depended on a considerable amount of research assistance, a non-exhaustive listing of which is provided below.
The National Reports draw extensively on the publications above and on a wide range of unpublished research.  With input and oversight from David Erdos, Katja Achermann as the project’s research assistant during 2020-21 compiled the initial National Reports (other than for the United Kingdom) and, in particular, updated material to account for the reforms of ʻthird-generationʼ period.   She also ensured coverage of Switzerland within the Report series.  The Reports have subsequently been edited to ensure provide additional consistency and specification and the Overview Guide has also been completed.   Both the National and Overview Reports are designed to function as a continuing resource and so will be further updated including with an analysis of constitutional/primary law provisions later this year. 
Alongside individuals, the institutional support of both CIPIL and the Cambridge Humanities Research Grant Scheme are gratefully acknowledged.
Given the breadth of the project, omissions and even mistakes are inevitable.  Suggestions for corrections and/or additions should be sent to David Erdos at

Area of Contribution



Katja Achermann

Alexandra Allen Franks

Michélè Finck

Laura Hannan

Alicia Johns

Ann Kristin Glenster

Jelena Gligorijevic

Rebekah Larsen

Eero Wahlstadt

Bulgarian Material

Boyan Gerasimov

Marina Tzvetkova

Croatian Material

Robert Reisel

Czech Material

Jana Jaseckova

Katarina Hlavata

Danish Material

Marcus Carlsen Häggrot

Estonian Material

Katre Leino

Finnish Material

Eero Wahlstadt

French and/or Belgium and/or Luxembourg Material

Michélè Finck

Antonios Kouroutakis

Ailbhe O’Loughlin

German and/or Austrian and/or Liechtenstein Material

Steffi Bryson

Michélè Finck

Alice Schneider

Malte Viefhues

Greek and/or Cypriot Material

Antonios Kouroutakis

Stella Tsoli

Hungarian Material

Tamas Szigeti

Icelandic Material

Einar Magnússon

Italian Material

Elizabetta Franchin

Caterina Paoli

Latvian Material

Marta Riksa

Lithuanian Material

Darius Bugailiskis

Netherlands Material

Martijn van der Brink

Norwegian Material

Marcus Carlsen Häggrot

Polish Material

Juta Kawalerowicz

Portugal Material

Luana Goveia

Romanian Material 

Aurora Voiculescu

Slovakian Material

Jana Jaseckova

Slovenian Material

Robert Reisel

Spanish Material

Paolo Ronchi

Swedish Material

Marcus Carlsen Häggrot