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CIPIL Annual Spring Conference 2020: Is IP Good for Our Health?

On Saturday 7 March 2020, the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law (CIPIL) held the Annual Spring Conference 2020 entitled 'Is IP Good for Our Health?'.

This conference brought together practitioners, scholars and policymakers to examine the latest decisions, research and political developments in intellectual property and health.

The Conference was featured on the IPKat blog with posts reviewing the morning and afternoon sessions.

Topic 1: Conceptual Framing


Topic 2: Patents & Regulatory Exclusivities

  • Inventive step in patent law after Actavis v ICOS - Katherine Moggridge (Three New Square) (Slides / YouTube / Audio / Video)

  • Overview and update of EU and US regulatory exclusivities - Trevor Cook (Wilmer Hale) (Slides / YouTube / Audio / Video)


Topic 3: Drugs, Competition Law, Parallel Trade & Brexit


Additional explanation of Brexit by Lord Justice Arnold


Topic 4: Precision Medicine, Drug Repurposing & the Next Steps for Competition Law

  • Is recent patent case-law good for precision medicine? - Mateo Aboy (University of Cambridge) (Slides / YouTube / Audio / Video)

  • Has the EU incentive for drug repositioning been effective? An empirical analysis - John Liddicoat (University of Cambridge) (Slides / YouTube / Audio / Video)

  • Reconciling Competition and IP Law: Patented Pharmaceuticals and Dominance Abuse - Wolf Sauter (VU Amsterdam and ACM) (Slides / PaperYouTube / Audio / Video)


Topic 5: Global Health, Alternatives to IP, Concluding Talk & Discussion

  • Concluding reflections - Rochelle Dreyfuss (New York University) (YouTube / Audio / Video)