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6-7 July 2023, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

The conference will be held in Room G24 at the Faculty of Law, Sir David Williams Building, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.


6 July

09.30-10.00: Morning coffee
10.00-10.15: Opening remarks by Dr Jonathan Morgan, Deputy Chair, Faculty of Law, Associate Director, Cambridge Private Law Centre
10.15-11.00: Keynote by Professor Henry E. Smith, Harvard Law School: 'The Private Law Architecture of Intellectual Property'
11.00-11.15: Break 1
11.15-12.00: Professor Molly S. Van Houweling, UC Berkeley: 'Securing the Public Domain Along the Private Law Spectrum'

Discussant: Dr Yael Lifshitz , King’s College London)

12.00-12.45: Professor Christina Mulligan, Brooklyn Law School: 'Digital Sales Modularity'

Discussant: Dr Poorna Mysoor, University of Cambridge

12.45-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.45: Profesor Rob Merges, UC Berkeley: 'Updating the Private Law of Patent Contracting'

Discussant: Professor Kathleen Liddell, University of Cambridge

14.45-15.30: Dr Alexandra Mogyoros, Toronto Metropolitan University: ''Notwithstanding the consumer': trademark law as private law'

Discussant: Professor Lionel Bently, University of Cambridge

15.30-15.45: Break 2
15.45-16.30: Professor Chris Newman, George Mason University: 'Data, Possession, and Bailment'

Discussant: Dr Luke Rostill, University of Oxford

16.30-17.15: Professor Orit Fischman-Afori, College of Management, Faculty of Law: 'Data and the Proprietary Regime Impulse'

Discussant: Dr Ernesto Vargas Weil, University of Cambridge

7 July

09.30-10.00: Morning coffee
10.00-10.45 Dr Mala Chatterjee, Columbia Law School: 'Personhood Theories of Authorial Rights'

Discussant: James Parish, King’s College London

10.45-11.30 Dr Pascale Chapdelaine, University of Windsor Faculty of Law: '(Intellectual) Property and Power: An Ontology of Digital Locks and the Right to Repair'

Discussant: Dr Yael Lifshitz, King’s College London

11.30-11.45 Break 1
11.45-12.30 Professor Shyamkrishna Balganesh, Columbia Law School: 'Learned Hand and the Misappropriation Doctrine: Lessons for Private Law'

Discussant: Professor Jennifer Davis, University of Cambridge

12.30-13.15 Professor Jennifer E. Rothman, University of Pennsylvania: 'Postmortem Publicity Rights at the Property-Person Divide'

Discussant: Nick McBride, University of Cambridge

13.15-14.15 Lunch
14.15-15.00 Dr Patrick Goold, City University of London: 'Intellectual Tort Law'

Discussant: Dr Jonathan Morgan, University of Cambridge

15.00-15.45 Professor Haochen Sun, University of Hong Kong: 'Justifying Stronger Intellectual Property: The Role of China’s Civil Code and Punitive Damages'

Discussant: Professor Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania

15.45-16.00 Break 2
16.00-16.45 Dr Poorna Mysoor, University of Cambridge: 'The Private Law Jurisdiction of 'Implying''

Discussant: Dr Sinead Agnew, University of Cambridge

16.45-17.00 Closing remarks by Professor Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, Co-director, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law, University of Cambridge

For information, contact Dr Poorna Mysoor (