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This page contains the papers that were written for the research project.

The project started by reviewing what copyright-related laws had been invoked in recent years intended to benefit the commercial news industry. On this basis of this research, the first paper that was written, comparing interventions in Denmark, Germany and Belgium.

The next stage of the research considered the arguments for and against intervention in general, whether by copyright related laws, or otherwise. This research produced a second paper.

We then turned our attention to the question of how and in what way any copyright-related intervention would affect and engage with the laws and norms of free speech. This resulted in a third paper.

As the project progressed, in late 2015 the European Commission indicated that it was considering bringing in a copyright-related law to benefit news publishers. A report was drafted and submitted to the Commission as part of its consultation process, in July 2016. The Commission responded, describing the contribution as ‘really appreciated and useful’.

Although the funding has come to an end, work continues on the project to turn the papers that were written into published articles. As some journals require draft articles be removed from the internet, and some papers are in the process of revision, they may not yet be present on this site. Others are in the process of being amended, to take into consideration comments by the project team. They will be uploaded when they are complete and circumstances permit.

When complete, this page will contain these working papers

Attached documents