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Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

On 19 May 2017, CIPIL’s Christina Angelopoulos took part in a panel on ‘Copyright lawmaking in the EU’ at the TILTing Perspectives conference organised by Tilburg University. The panel’s chair was Ana Ramalho of the Maastricht University.

The session began with some background information on the panel’s topic provided by Ana. This focussed inter alia on competence issues and constitutional guidelines in relation to copyright lawmaking.

Christina subsequently talked about the normative guidance provided by fundamental rights in copyright law. Her presentation focused on the example of intermediary liability for third party copyright infringement. As Christina noted, the secondary law of the EU directives currently provides only vague information regarding the liability of internet intermediaries for third party copyright infringements. As a result, the CJEU is increasingly turning for answers to the primary EU law of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The presentation traced out the relevant case law. On this basis, it then considered how useful normative guidance for intermediary liability in copyright law can be extracted from the law of fundamental rights.

Finally, Balázs Bodó of the Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam provided a methodological perspective. Balázs talked on the topic of “A new type of evidence in the age of limited enforceability: testing the public support for copyright policy alternatives.”

Christina’s presentation is available here. A report on panels included in the Intellectual Property track of the conference can be found on the IP Kat blog, here.