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Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law

Thursday, 11 January 2018

On the 19th of December 2017, Dr Krzysztof Garstka and Dr David Erdos presented their paper "Hiding in Plain Sight: Right to Be Forgotten and Search Engines in the Context of International Data Protection Frameworks", during the UN’s Internet Governance Forum in Geneva. The two members of CIPIL and the HRBDT project conveyed the argument that the concept of the right to be forgotten is not limited to one, idiosyncratic judgement of the EU (i.e. C-131/12 Google Spain), but rather has a strong presence in multiple transnational data protection frameworks, and is ready for further, dedicated international cooperation.

The presentation took place during a session organised by the Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility, and the event featured a release of the Coalition’s book "Platform Regulations", which includes the paper written by Garstka and Erdos, as well as multiple other contributions from leading authors in the field. These cover a diverse range of topics tied to regulation of online platforms, such as privatisation of online content regulation, human rights dimension of intermediary liability, corporate social responsibility, data ownership, as well as tackling terrorist and violent extremist content. The book is available in open access and can be found here –